Jay paid for his university education working as a studio and wedding photographer and quickly started his first of many businesses:  JJ's Fine Photos, 'Weddings, Events and Good Time Photography'   That was back in the days of 35mm film and Leica M3 & M4 cameras.

Today, doing considerably less of the professional photo work, he posts thousands of pictures of murals, mosaics, public art, buildings, scenery, travel sites, obscure events, and people, on a variety of photo sharing web sites (Flickr, Picasa, 500px, Tumblr).  Hundreds of these pictures have been used by web developers, bloggers and authors around the world including Wikipedia and Wikimedia, search for 'Jay Galvin' on Google Images and Bing Photos. 

Jay's Flickr collection 

By sharing everything with a Creative Commons v.4 license, over 250 of the Flickr photos have been useed on websites around teh world.

Currently based in Pleasanton, California, Jay has documented nearly all of the public art in that city and many pieces in the surrounding Tri-Valley.

Pleasanton, California photos

Some re-use of photos on:

  • Wikipedia articles:  Maragret Thatcher, cactus, Seattle Pike's Fish Market, and two dozen more
  • National Endowment of the Arts
  • NPR, MSNBC, National Geographic, Fox, 
  • State of Wyoming Tourism
  • Allitalia Airlines

Many, many smaller sites, calendars, magazines and print articles.

Favorite Projects:

  • Murals - around the world, art painted locally 
  • F-Line Trolleys in San Francisco (aka Market Street Railroad)

All pictures, on all of Jay's websites, are free to use under the Creative Commons 4.0, Attribution License


Jay galvin